How To Choose The Right Outfit For a First Date

By: David |


We all know the importance of making a great first impression. From the firm handshake that you exchange with your prospective employer at a job interview through to your level of eye contact on a first date, a first impression will often dictate how a relationship plays out in the long term. To make the very best first impression on a first date, you not only have to be charming and confident, you also have to look the part. For your own confidence, and for the impression of yourself that you deliver, choosing the right first date outfit is imperative.

A dinner date. The first rule of thumb is, of course, no white shirt. A crisp linen white shirt is a timeless look that transcends the barriers of smart and casual, but it is also an open invitation for pasta sauce and curry stains. What you should wear on a dinner date really depends on the restaurant you are going to. But even if you are going to a high end place, do not overdo it. Nothing says desperation quite like a guy kitted out in a full tuxedo and brightly polished shoes on a first date.

A walk in the park. Taking a leisurely stroll around your local park is a great low pressure first date. There is no opportunity for getting royally drunk and making a fool of yourself, and you can avoid the pressure of the whole “Are you coming back to my place?” thing that follows after a night of drinking. The casual setting of this date should be matched with casual attire. But don’t go too casual or you will give the impression that you are somebody who won’t make an effort. Taking a walk around the park solo might be okay in your trackies, but for a date, at least opt for a pair of well fitting jeans.

A night of drinks. When you decide to have drinks at a bar or pub for your first date, you have the opportunity to showcase the fun side of you. After a couple of drinks, you are likely to become a little more comfortable and loose lipped (in more ways than one) and this can be a great thing. But if you come dressed to the bar like a banker, it will be hard for your fun personality to shine through, no matter how witty or charming you are. A date at a bar is a chance for you to showcase your own sense of personal style, so ditch the boring work suit and wear something that lets your date know who you are.

It’s worth bearing in mind that our dates can only judge us according to the image that we choose to project of ourselves. This is as true in terms of our fashion choices as with regard to what comes out of our mouths. In order to win your date over by showing him all of the great facets of your personality, you need to the right outfit for the right occasion that will allow you to be the very best version of yourself.