Finding Happiness: Beginners Guide To Using Technology as a Mature Online Dater

By: Elizabeth Davis |

While most people have been hit by Cupid’s arrow more than once, others seem to be waiting in vain until who-knows-when. Cupid and his arrow don’t really play favourites. What most men and women do not realize is that Cupid and his arrow do not operate on the principle of chance.

That is what hopeless romantics do. Cupid is for precision and timing, releasing the arrow when one least expects it. A bit Herculean, don’t you think? So what becomes of people who want to manage their own love affairs? They go out clicking it.

The Age of Technology has reprogrammed the way we view life—and it includes finding our happiness using a little more than our iPhones and iPads. Most single mature men and women have turned to the power of technology to bring “the one” that will complete their life’s puzzle pieces.

Incorporating technology-facilitated habits into our life has made the unbelievable possible. What used to be a fruitless and tiring endevaour is now literally within ones fingertips. The online world has enabled like-minded individuals to find their match with the help of various websites that are solely built around that noble pursuit of helping you find the one. These are ways to get you started on a fruitful search for a long-lasting romance using the technology that always comes handy.

1. Take a few precautions to ensure your safety and success. Real-time dating and digital dating are vastly different. Digital dating may be daunting and unsafe for a beginner. While you may obviously be certain about the character of the person you are dating real-time, you may be just as uncertain with your date online.

This is due to the extent of anonymity an e-dater chooses to maintain. If you are beginning to shift towards the direction of online dating, you must take it as a priority to ensure your safety more than just being able to find the one you think is your match.

This means securing your device and guarding your privacy a little more. Make sure that your device is 100% secure and does not risk important information about you. It also means making sure that your computer uses firewall or is not vulnerable to hackers or virus that may be lurking everywhere in various online sites.

Conduct a background inspection of the site you are visiting to make sure you don’t end up getting hoaxed. A reputable and reliable digital dating site usually extends more protection and security. Make some research before taking the plunge. Most ethical and responsible digital dating sites display their contact information on the website for clients who would like to know more than what is displayed.

Secure your profile. This is one of those instances when you really have to dig deep into the site’s privacy statement section. It is important to make sure that the online dating site maintains invisibility to third party users. Make it a point to look for that statement declaring how your personal information will be handled. When you don’t see one, well then it is time to bid that website goodbye.

2. Make your profile digital-dating friendly. Your profile says a lot about you. Mature and legitimate e-daters know when to spot a fake. Fancy names like Elusive Fiona or Gorgeous George may sound a bit mysterious and creepy and childish.

You definitely don’t want to creep out potential dates. Creating a profile that is closest to who you are is a better choice than going for a fun and make-believe profile. This doesn’t mean revealing where you live or how much you have in your bank account. You are essentially anonymous until you decide not to be.

Most websites are also designed to help you find that match using the profile you created. The trick is actually pretty simple. Just keep it real. Keeping it real mostly means including potential deal-breakers like having children or having been divorced. With a well-written profile, you are more than good to go.

3. Do not sign up on a bunch of different sites. Although it is a good idea to join multiple sites for a much bigger chance of meeting your date, it also denies you the chance to give full attention to the one who might be your very match. Finding the right site rarely happens on the very first time you sign up.

Discriminate among the various niche-based sites to find the one that gives you better chances of meeting the one. Signing up on different dating sites also means committing on a monthly due. Do not pay until you are sure it matches your preferences.

4. Do not lose that common sense. Do not get easily carried away by what you discover online. The best way to keeping it fun and safe at the same time all comes down to a good mix of common sense and effort. Always keep your details a secret until such time that you are comfortable enough to reveal more.

When engaging in online chats, it is better to use the site’s chat and messenger services rather than your own personal messenger details. When connecting through phone calls, it is better if you could use a disposable number until you are certain that you have both established a greater degree of trust.

5. Guard your emotions. Emotional safety should be your priority. While it is true that you are intent upon finding the one with whom you could establish emotional connections, it should not be done too hastily.

Establishing emotional boundaries and maintaining some distance is necessary to avoid unwanted complications. A long-term and mature relationship invests in time. Know your date well before jumping into hasty conclusions about how far you want the date to go.

With the help of technology that you carry on a daily basis, you stand a higher chance of finding someone unbelievably compatible to your criteria. Using technology and being wiser at it has made our choices seem virtually without limits. Finding “the one” has never been more interesting. And it is not just a matter of fad, it is a matter of fact.