Gay Internet Dating: What They Say Vs. What They Mean

By: Oliver Johnston |

gay dating
When meeting someone face to face at a bar or a party and attempting to unleash your flirting skills, there are certain traits that we take note of, whether it’s the fact that they zone out whenever you say something; or their alarming habit of downing a tequila shot every five minutes. Gay online dating is different, since you can stare at their face for as long as you want, which would be kind of weird in real life. When looking at online dating profiles, you base your impression on their choice of photo and the language that they’ve used, and the online gay dating world is full of strange language clichés, although the true meaning of some of these phrases might not be immediately obvious. Let’s have a look at some of the more common lines and what they really mean, which will hopefully help you to decide whether he’s a guy to meet, or a guy to block…

1. When he says: “I’m looking for a mature man to look after me.”
He means: “I’m looking for a guy with money.”

2. When he says: “I’m looking for a younger guy to take care of.”
He means: “I have money/I’m not afraid of credit card debt.”

3. When he says: “I wnna yeah meet and sjtuff.”
He means: “I completed this profile when I was drunk.”

4. When he says: “No Asians, African Americans, Middle Eastern guys.”
He means: “I have a narrow view of what is attractive.”

5. When he says: “Athletic or muscular guys only.”
He means: “I’m superficial and you might as well be an inanimate sex toy.”

6. When he says: “Looking for uncomplicated guys only.”
He means: “I won’t care about your problems.”

7. When he says: “Guy in his late 30’s seeking a partner.”
He means: “I turned 40 last year.”

8. When he says: “I’m just a normal guy.”
He means: “I might stalk you if this ends badly.”

9. When he says: “I don’t know what to write.”
He means: “I’m a little embarrassed about online dating.”

10. When he says: “I’m looking for discreet encounters with guys.”
He means: “I really hope my girlfriend doesn’t find out about this.”