The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week-March 28, 2014

Photo credit: Will B (Flickr)

Photo credit: Will B (Flickr)

Happy Friday everyone! We can’t believe April is almost here! Doesn’t it seem like it was just New Years? Anyway. We’ve read a lot of really amazing articles this week. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Hey guys! This first one’s for you. We know that women do their fair share of things to totally botch things up. But, here are a few ways you might be screwing up the first date (don’t hate us, they’re from a male dating coach). (Your Tango)

Dating customs vary from state to state and country to country. Here’s a collection of some fantastic world dating customs. (Bad Online Dates)

Do you think men can be feminists? What happens when you’re dating one? Well, this awesome article from a gal dating a feminist guy has you covered. (Huffington Post)

Speaking of men that don’t fall into gender norms, did you know that 76% of women prefer a more feminine man? Check out some other rules of attraction. (Your Tango)

Stalking your ex on Facebook. We all do it. No one can resist. Even if you stop for a few days, suddenly you’re compelled to just take a peek and see what he/she has been up to. It’s a vicious cycle and now you can stop for good. (Betty Confidential)

You don’t have to end something solely based on distance. Here’s some tips on how to make it work. (The Frisky)

Do you ever find that you’re flirting with a guy and he doesn’t quite get it? Here are 10 ways that gals flirt that men don’t notice and what you should do instead. (Style Caster)

Are you living with your significant other? If so, chances are great that you’ve found a few of their habits really get under your skin. Here’s one gal’s personal story about how not to sweat the small stuff. (My Pixie Blog)

Relationships are cluttered with fights about stupid things. We’d actually wager a guess that more fights are about things (like putting the forks in the wrong place) than they are about actual important issues. But, some of those stupid little fights might mean more than you think. (The Frisky)

Not to mention the whole feminism thing again, but we just love this photo series on dating while being a feminist. (TheFrisky)

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