6 Ways To Get A Mature Man To Ask You Out

By: Len Cruz |


It’s a big frustration for women to see someone they really like then play the waiting game. You have the option to ask the man out, but that’s not going to be the best move since men like to have the upper hand. Even if you are actually desperate to get his attention, you still have to rally enough control to not act the part.

You can, however, make the guy ask you out based on his own decision…….with just a tad bit help from you.

Sounds good? Do this:

Appeal to his machismo

Men, regardless of age, want to validate their masculinity by helping someone out, and that someone should be you. Do you need a direction to a new restaurant that you’ve been meaning to try (he might even ask you if he can accompany you) or have a clogged kitchen drain? Ask the man you fancy! Baby boomers appreciate this more because they want to feel that they still have it, especially when it comes to complex tasks. They want to feel very much useful and needed.

Everything that’s too much is not good, so don’t do this all the time just to catch his attention. He will run away from you if you do so. Stay subtle and true. Ask him for help only when you actually need one. Don’t make one up.

Common interest

Look for something that will connect you deeply with him such as having a common interest. Some men don’t ask a woman out for fear of not having anything in common. Having the same interest in something that your man is into is very important during this particular stage. It will show the guy that you have something to talk about and that you are like him in a way. They don’t want to admit it, but guys want to date female versions of themselves; attitude wise, at least.

Be a poster child for good life

Do you want to spend an evening with someone so dragging you’d gladly alphabetize your spices rather than see the person again? If you’re constantly whining, complaining, and pushing the we-are-nearing-death talk to your man’s face, he will walk away.

Mature men want to relive the good old days by feeling young. They want to see someone who’s full of excitement, relaxed, and has a certain joie de vivre in them. You don’t have to go sky diving to show him that you are fun, you know? Don’t do that. Start with light and happy topics. Don’t open the conversation with “My neighbor passed away a few days ago from hemorrhoid with severe complications. Same age as us.” Heavy sigh follows.

Show him you’re interested

You can’t ask him out, but you sure can show him that you want to go out with him. Most guys want you to meet them half way. They want to see certain hints that their efforts will not lead to rejection. Rejection paralyzes a guy’s action. Help him out by showing him signs that you like him and that there is a strong possibility for a good outcome.

Make love to his brain

He need not be a sapiosexual (a person who is attracted to intelligence) to appreciate what you have in between your ears.

Let’s give a little twist to Prabal Gurung’s quote: “A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a woman who is both beautiful and smart is marketable.”

You don’t have to push being smart into a battle of the sexes – throwing a lot of feminist arguments all throughout the night. It’s 2014; we have a lot of rights and are more powerful now. You don’t have to show him that you can pee standing up just to prove your point. He already gets it. Someone who has the capability to bleed for three to five consecutive days without perishing is a feat. You won, so calm down.

Be nice

Men don’t like bitches. Men like women who are nice but can protect themselves when provoked. There is a big difference.