True Story: I Dated a Vampire

By: Simone Paget |


Long before Bella and Edward,  True Blood and those crazy kids from the Vampire Diaries, I dated a guy who claimed to be a Vampire.

I wasn’t aware of his self-identified Vampire status when I started dating him. It came out one evening when we were lying in bed and I mentioned that I enjoyed Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” – an epic series of dark, gothic novels that centre around an ancient Vampire named Lestat (Rice’s books are moody, ethereal and very sexy. They basically make Twilight look like an episode of the Teletubbies.) He took this as his cue to tell me, that he was in fact a vampire.

“Haha, that’s very funny.”

“No, I’m being completely serious.”

As it turns out, this guy was really into vampire role playing. He’d get together with a group of fellow “vampires” and they would dress up, wear fangs and do vampire-y things. Despite my predilection for the occasional sexy vampire novel, this revelation kind of freaked me out – especially when he professed a fondness for blood and biting people at these parties. We ended up breaking up shortly after when he bit me in bed. As it turns out, I wasn’t cut out for the vampire life. I ended up writing this guy off as yet another bizarre character from my dating adventures.

Although the thought of drinking blood (fake or otherwise) from strangers doesn’t appeal to me personally, I can see why people find vampires sexy. They’re seductive creatures of the night that are often portrayed as highly sexual or romantic. They’re the ultimate Bad Boy/Bad Girl. For individuals who like to dominate or be dominated, being “taken” by a vampire definitely comes with a certain appeal.

I dated my vampire years ago, before online dating was really popular. However, if I ever get the “thirst” to date another vampire, there are now tons of sites devoted specifically to vampire dating – proof that whatever you’re into, you can find like minded people online for friends…or eternal love.

Would you ever date a vampire?