The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week-February 21, 2014

Happy, happy weekend! This week was full of great dating articles floating around the web, and we’ve gathered our favorites below. Make sure to leave any links we might have missed in the comments, and have a wonderful weekend!

1. A new study shows that women are much, much better at breaking up than men are, which begs the question why? Is it because men are die-hard romantics, or just lazy? The jury is out. (Hyper Vocal)

2. Are you cheating and you don’t even know it? Sometimes even the most seemingly innocent behaviors can be interpreted as a discretion by our partners. Here is a cheat sheet. (See what I did there?) (Men’s Health)

3. Oh, Reddit, Reddit, Reddit…you and your “dating experts”! The latest installment of dating advice from Reddit is pretty spot on actually. We can’t argue with these 15 unspoken rules of dating, can you? (Bustle)

4. We’ve officially reached the future, folks, and apparently Google Glass and a first date (or second, or third, or fourth…) just do not mix. Says Google. (The Date Report)

5. Most of us text more than we talk to the people we’re dating, but read this before you send a flirty text to a guy at two in the afternoon on a Tuesday. (Your Tango)

6. Is there something to be said for faking it on your online dating profile? One writer went undercover and discovered how to lose a guy (online) in ten days. (Huffington Post Style)

7. Not all love advice is created equal. Some is actually not worth listening to at all! Here are seven pieces of advice to completely and utterly ignore. (Cosmopolitan UK)

8. There are plenty of ways to ask someone out on a date that don’t involve actually asking anything. Be a bit sneaky and a little smart, and your date won’t even know he’s on a date, until he’s already totally in love with you. Win, win. (Betty Confidential)

9. The best way to tell if a guy likes you as more than just a friend? He always wants to spend tons of time with you, for starters.(Glamour)

10. Do you look to your married friends for dating advice, or do you find it annoying when your pals with husbands and wives weigh in on your latest relationship drama? (xoJane)

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