5 Online Dating Red Flags

By: Elizabeth Marie |


If you’re wondering why you are having terrible luck online dating and not getting the messages you deserve, your online dating profile might be full of red flags! Almie breaks down the most common online dating profile faux paus, but if you can’t watch, we’ve compiled a quick summary below.

The Top Five Online Dating Red Flags:

1. Not a lot of photos. Are you hiding something? If you only have one or two photos on your profile, it immediately sounds the alarm that you might be fake. When it comes to photos, the more the merrier.

2. Allusions to previous relationships. Nobody wants to hear about your ex! Talking about your ex in your online dating profile makes it seem that you are not fully over your past relationships and might be full of drama. No thanks!

3. Photos of body parts instead of faces. No bathroom mirror shots of your abs, please. Or worse, cleavage…or worse…well, you can use your imagination. No matter how hard you’ve been working out in the gym, it is creepy to post photos of your body that don’t include your face. Save it for private text messages-if you must!

4. Poorly written profile. It tells the world that you don’t care very much and that isn’t a great way to kick off a dating relationship. If you can’t be bothered to to spell check your online dating profile, why would anyone assume that you’d make a great boyfriend or girlfriend? You don’t need to be fancy, but you do need to take care of the basics.

5. Sending too many messages. Don’t be desperate. Patience, grasshopper. Sending too many messages is a huge turnoff because it shows that you are needy, demanding and don’t respect boundaries. Attractive, right? No. Send one message, and if you don’t hear back, a quick follow up email is okay…but anything more verges into desperado and creep territory.