3 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Want To Spend Valentine’s Day With You

By: Len Cruz |


Almost everyone is high on love these days, us included, but it’s important to remember that not everyone is as excited about Valentine’s Day as we are! Without sounding like the V-Day Grinch (if there’s such), let’s talk about the reality of Valentine’s Day, namely that awkward moment when the guy you’re dating doesn’t want to celebrate.

Women embrace Valentine’s Day more than men because of the entire emotional component affixed to it. Since women are emotional creatures, it does not take a genius to figure out the connection and sometimes, obsession. There is that sense of entitlement that comes with this aforementioned day for most women. A well crafted bouquet, superb dinner, card with the sweetest dedication, an amazing gift, and a continuous deliverance of I love You’s all throughout the day are just some of the things that women want and need during V-Day.
Men, on the other hand, just want to give them all to satisfy their women’s needs, have sex at the end of the night, and just be done with it. Some do not want to go through with it at all. Before World War III erupts, hear out some of their reasons as to why they don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day first.

Under pressure
Pressure kills. Too much of it (in everything) is never good. It takes the fun out of anything, and makes people under perform. During Valentine’s Day, there is too much pressure for the man to deliver, and deliver well. It’s like being watched by millions while doing a much needed free throw to win the game. He gets more than three points if he hits nothing but net; but, if he misses, disappointment surfaces. He doesn’t want that. He does not want to disappoint you, but he’s also not sure if his best will make you feel satisfied on Valentine’s Day.

He’s practical

Valentine’s Day has become a day of affirmation and reassurance for most women; a validation of their partner’s undying love for them. Many feel that it will come in the form of gestures and token mentioned above. But your man is practical. It’s not because he doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day per se, he just doesn’t like the add-ons it comes with. Older people are more practical. They are forced by experience to think this way. He doesn’t believe in spending money for marked-up flowers or waiting in line for a spot in some famous restaurant. He knows that he can do that even if it’s not V-Day or when the prices have gone down back to normal at least. To each his own.

He’s not a V-Day believer
He just doesn’t believe in it. He doesn’t feel that Valentine’s Day should be a gauge to one’s worthiness or a day to profess his love for you continuously. He most probably think it’s corny, and more of a marketing ploy or “Hallmark Holiday” than anything else. He feels that Valentine’s Day is just another day made special by spending money.

What should you do?
You know what? Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your man is both a right and a privilege. If you really want to go cheesy with him during this day, tell him. If he has been dropping all kind of hints – and finally a straight out admission after you’ve been successfully ignoring the hints – tell him why you want to spend it with him just because. Not due to the add-ons, but simply because you want to enjoy the love day with the man you truly love. Compromising is a fine thing. Use it.