4 Ordinary Places to Meet Someone Extraordinary

By: Josie |

Coffee date

After another failed date with ‘just some guy’ from a bar, it may seem like there’s no one special out there for you – but you’re just looking in the wrong places! Believe it or not, places that we go every day may just hold the key to our future love; we just haven’t been looking properly! Where you go on a first online date doesn’t have to be extravagant…it could be that the places you frequent every day are the ones where you find love! So get ready to grasp that passing opportunity because here are a few top suggestions of the most ordinary of places that might just lead you to the most extraordinary of people.

In a Coffee Shop

The relaxed atmosphere and ambient music of a coffee shop mean that it’s an ideal place to strike up a conversation with a stranger. What’s more, if most people are anything like me, they visit coffee shops to while away a few hours – meaning you won’t feel like you’re interrupting them or that they’re in a rush. A prop like a book is an easy way to strike up a conversation but perhaps the simplest opening is to ask that good looking stranger to guard your laptop/bag/seat whilst you go to get another coffee. When you get back to your table, you can simply say thank you and then introduce yourself – take it from there!

In a Bookstore

Whether, like me, you’re a bona fide book lover or not, there might just be no better place to meet your soul mate than in a bookstore. Besides the obvious instant common ground of spotting a hottie with their nose buried in the pages of your favourite author, the way that a bookstore is laid out makes it great for spontaneous dates. ‘How so?’ you may ask. Well, for example, you can simply break the ice by asking for a book suggestion or commenting on the choice that they already have in their hands, lead into some playful flirting along the lines of “You’ve never read a Hemingway? Follow me!” before finally suggesting a quick coffee together in the café section. Perfect!

At a Comedy Show

In my opinion, a comedy show is one of the most underrated places to meet a great new date. They usually take place in bars, which means that there’s an abundance of alcohol and laughter putting everyone in a good mood – what’s not to love? What’s more, the premise of a comedy show usually encourages interaction between everyone in the audience, meaning that there’s much less stigma in striking up a conversation with a probably very happy, friendly and relaxed member of the audience. Hell, once I even went out with the comedian himself after seeing one of his shows.

On the Train

Do you listen to music on your commute to work? There’s your first problem! You’re instantly cutting yourself off from everyone else around you, including that potential hot date sitting just across the carriage. Approaching someone on public transport is hard enough as it is, so make yourself appear more open by entertaining yourself with a magazine or a book instead. If you do spot someone that takes your fancy, make this the year that you do something about it (besides daydreaming about your future wedding or blushing at every moment of eye contact). Throw caution to the wind and give them your number as you get up to leave. Sound terrifying? Hey, if they don’t call, you never have to see them again anyway!

Try it today and you’ll meet someone special – with no effort required!