5 Resolutions to Perk Up Your Dating Life

By: Jess Downey |

Photo credit:  Amodiovalerio Verde (Flickr)

Photo credit: Amodiovalerio Verde (Flickr)

It’s officially the start of a new year which means a whole new perspective on things (and lots of new possibilities).  Let’s face it, when you’re single and going on date after date, things tend to feel a little stale and frustrating towards the end of the year. So, here are 5 resolutions to help perk up your dating life.

Don’t worry if he/she is the one

I don’t mean to start with the corny advice, but you really do find love when you least expect it. And it’s not just because of your care free attitude, but also how you approach things. When we are looking for “the one” we tend to formulate what he or she should look like in our heads. Then, when you meet someone, you’ll easily toss them aside if they don’t fit the mold. You’ll also likely focus on small things that don’t really matter. When you’re in the moment and just exploring the possibilities, you’re open and looking at things for what they really are (or can be).

Step out of your comfort zone

You don’t have to be extreme by going sky diving or anything, but it could just be something simple like taking a different way to work, going to a different bar, or just switching up your search on a dating site. Opening up your bubble some allows you the opportunity to meet all kinds of new people.

Don’t waste your time

I’m a big fan of not giving up too soon, but sometimes he or she really isn’t that into you. On the flip side, if you’re not interested in them, that’s OK too. I think sometimes we know something is over long before we actually end it. So if something isn’t working or if it becomes evident that an interest isn’t shared, walk away and never look back.

Be open minded

It’s not enough to just get out of your comfort zone, you also have to be open to things that come along. I’d never encourage anyone to settle for someone who doesn’t make them happy, but I also think some people are just too darn picky. Throw out your checklist (or at least go through it to see if a couple things can be deleted).

Just go on the first date

I’m a firm believer that you just never know; especially when you’re dating online. Someone who doesn’t look great online could be the most amazing person you’ve ever met. There’s no harm in meeting someone for a coffee, drink, or a stroll in the park. No one says you have to go out with them again, or even devote an entire Saturday night to them if you’re not interested.