How To Survive a Public Breakup on Social Media

By: Mariel Norton |

social media breakup
We’ve all been there, right? You’re in the honeymoon stage of your relationship, and after having ‘the talk’ (you know, where you decide to make it Facebook official), you’ve both published the fact that you are now both IN A RELATIONSHIP with one another.

But thanks to that old chestnut whereby ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere along the highway of happiness and ended up in the dodgy neighbourhood known as splitsville. Funny how you can both be in a rush to cement your commitment via the social media channels, but somehow postpone the public announcement of parting ways.

As an avid digital addict, you will have lived your life through your social network profile – from posting a plethora of photos of your other half to tagging your Significant Other (SO) in many an update. But now has come the time to go your separate ways; both offline AND online.

So how do you try and quietly maintain your dignity of singledom? Popular to contrary belief, don’t do as the celebrities do and release a statement to the public (or even worse, take to Twitter to have a very petty dispute online for all and sundry to see) – the first thing you need to do is disconnect.

High standards will keep you in high spirits
After mustering up the courage to edit your profile to change your relationship status to ‘single’, you may feel as though it’s FINALLY over. But a few tiny clicks do not rule your life; this digital persona is just an image you’ve created for yourself. No amount of likes or comments is going to make the heartache disappear, but spending time with your real-life friends will.

And even if you were the injured party, don’t play the victim. No one likes those cryptic status updates calling for attention, and don’t even think about tarnishing their name – you’ll only look desperate. Raise your standards and hold your head up high; no one is in the wrong – and commend yourself for not taking the easy way out, as sometimes doing the hardest thing often ends up being the right thing to do.

Leave it alone
You may find yourself asking a bunch of questions – do I untag them from my status updates? Should I delete those photos from our holiday last summer? Or worse still – should I remove them as a friend?

Firstly – inhale.

Secondly – exhale.

Relax – the world did not come to an end just because your relationship ceased to exist. Remember what I told you about Facebook not being real life? My argument still stands – and guess what? You’re still standing too.

Right now, emotions are bound to be running high – so the best thing you can do in this situation is walk away. That’s right; just as you walked away from your relationship, so you should do the same with your social network. Ignore those stalking tendencies or better still, don’t even bother with logging into your account every five seconds.

Just as you’re finally free from your other half, so you are finally free from your digital distractions. You don’t need an online relationship status to prove you’re in love – the only relationship you need is the one where you love yourself.