8 Ways to Date During the Winter in New York City

By: Jess Downey |

Photo Credit: gtmcknight (Flickr)

Photo Credit: gtmcknight (Flickr)

The wintery days are slowly creeping on us here in New York City. Pretty soon the snow and ice will be here and, I don’t know about you, but I find dating in the winter the worst. While it might provide the perfect setting for a little romance, there’s also schlepping through the snow and attempting to feel attractive when half of you is sweating from all the layers and the other half is frozen from waiting in glacial temps. I love the city, but it was a whole lot easier when all I had to do was jump in the car. So here are 8 ways to date during the winter in New York City (and any other wintery city).

Plan a winter date

If winter wants to be a beast, work with it. Instead of attempting some awesome date that could be ruined by snow and ice, plan one of these awesome winter date ideas.

Cab it

I know. I know. Cabs are expensive and they are harsh when travelling from borough to borough. I’m a Brooklynite so I’ve had more than my share of nights trying to find a cab that will actually take me home. But cabbing it can be a great alternative if you’re not too far away from home and are able to spring for it. You can also use a car service which in some cases isn’t as pricey and still gets the job done.

Plan something in your ‘hood

If your date lives/works in your neighborhood or doesn’t mind trekking through the snow, plan something close to home. You can also trade off — do dinner in your neighborhood on one date and then dinner in his on the next.

Stay in

Not going out is always an option and it doesn’t have to be boring. You can plan a scary movie night or bake cookies while watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa. And if it snows, even better.

Be logical

You might want to wear that outfit that shows off your sexy legs, but it just isn’t going to work in the frigid temps. It’s kind of like wearing heels that you can’t walk in — if you’re not comfortable in it, you look and feel ridiculous (and it’s not sexy).  So use your best judgment when planning what to wear.

Don’t be self-conscious

Whatever you’re feeling as you peel off your layers of hat, gloves, scarf, fleece, and coat is probably the same thing your date was feeling. So just relax and have a good time. It’s not really that big of a deal anyway.

Invest in some good (but stylish) winter boots

You should definitely go for warmth and function when you’re shopping through the boot section, but also aim for something that you can wear on a night out. A good boot that serves dual purposes is always a must have.

Accept it

While you might want to stay at home in your cozy pajamas, that’s just not always possible. That is, if you want to have a social life. So get on out there and make the best of it. After all, the payoff will likely be well worth it.