The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week – November 22nd

Photo credit:  Gregory Jordan (Flickr)

Photo credit: Gregory Jordan (Flickr)


Happy Friday! It seems like this week went by really fast! But that doesn’t mean we missed any of the great dating articles that have popped up. Here are a few of our favorites.

Do you ever wonder if a long distance relationship is a good thing? Read if there’s a happy ending in sight. (eFlirt expert)

Love is awesome. You get that warm tingly feeling whenever you’re around each other. You smile randomly throughout the day. But what happens when one of you is dealing with some sort of crisis? Here’s how to help your partner out in his or her time of need. (Cupid’s Pulse)

Lots of couples enjoy pranking each other. And sometimes those pranks include convincing the other that you’re cheating on them (we’re not sure why, but to each his own). Check out what happens when your cheating prank backfires and your significant other also confesses they’ve been cheating. (How About We)

Walking pace and love. Who thought they were related? Well, according to researchers, your walking pace says quite a bit about your relationship. (Betty Confidential)

Sometimes single life rocks and sometimes we wonder why the heck we’re still single. Here are 10 things that just might be keeping you off the love train. (Your Tango)

Texting is great. You can send a quick text if you’re running late or when you get some place. It’s also great for a crowded place. But sometimes it’s annoying and frustrating. Here are a few tips on when to say it and when not to. (My Life On Match)

We’ve heard it over and over again – you have to love yourself in order for someone else to love you. It’s not just logic though, there are really great reasons for it. Get the scoop on why self-confidence is important (and what men think about it too). (Cupid’s Pulse)

We’re a sucker for a really honest story. Here Melanie Notkin talks about being Single and 40 (and what she knows about love). (Huffington Post)

We’ve all been there. You go on date after date and nothing seems to really work out. You think it’s pointless, but you continue to try because you truly want to meet someone. Then you think maybe you just don’t have the dating gene. Read about how dating is for you in order to learn about some of it’s awesome benefits. (Huffington Post)

Ever felt like this relationship stuff is just a little too complicated? We all have. And sometimes we want to pull our hair out. Well, check out this infographic to get back to the basics. (Betty Confidential)

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