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November 27th, 2013 by Len Cruz

Mature Dating: Dating Hacks For An Awkward-Free First Date


We’re pretty sure that we will get a collective yes if we ask you this: “Do you want us to give you Adam Sandler’s remote control in the movie Click so that you can skip a first date?”

Unfortunately, that’s only a hypothetical question. We don’t have god-like powers, but we’re slowly working on it.
Aside from first dates being awkward, it’s also nerve-wracking and tricky. You want to create a really good impression but all the tension is making you do the opposite. All the worrying about everything going haywire eliminates the fun part of mature dating and that’s a big no-no.

To ease your way into a great first date, check out the hacks that we’ve created just for you!

Watch a movie

Not just any movie; a comedy will be your best option. Why? Laughter is a great ice breaker and it releases endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good hormones – the very thing you need during a first date. It will relieve all that tension that you’ve been building up days before your first date. Also, instead of pausing and searching all over the walls for something to ask your date come dinner time, you can talk about your favorite parts of the movie.
Shy away from watching a romantic movie on a first date especially those with sex scenes (tame or obscene). Not because it’s very cliché, but because you will add more tension to your ‘tension’. It’s like giving your date a strong hint on what you want to do after. Hush your libido.

Opt for a casual restaurant

We know that you want to impress your date with your financial prowess, but going to a fancy restaurant is not always a good move on a first date. The rigid setting will make you tense up more. A casual restaurant on the other hand will make you feel more at ease. You don’t have to worry if you’ve pronounced the dish properly (sfogliatelle – sfohl-ya-tel-le? shfoo-ya-dell? Damn it, just give me the bread) or which flatware goes with what.

Pseudo eye contact technique

Surely not all of us can win in a staring contest especially if it’s the eyes of a potential paramour we are looking at. Cue goosebumps. Not looking into someone’s eyes is of course not an option unless you want to appear rude and insincere.
If you can’t take the heat of his stare, do the nose technique! Instead of watching intently how his pupils dilate, look directly at the bridge of his nose. Unless he’s an ex-CIA agent he won’t notice the difference. You can also try focusing your eyes on one of his, then if you get bored, switch to the other one.

Talk about your favorite things

This is a great way to score a second date without being too obvious. Ask your date what her favorite places are or her favorite food then pretend that you know the best place to get it. Relax; you can always Google it afterwards. Ain’t new age dating fun? Tell her that you will bring her there tomorrow, two days from your first date or next week. Now go and research about it once you get home, Smooth Operator.

Don’t talk about your ex

If your date asks about your ex, give a brief answer. Elaborating about what happened to you and your ex is an unnecessary first date topic. It will just stiffen the atmosphere between you two. If you know that you’re the type of person who deals on negative things…..a lot, bite your tongue. Nobody wants to feel like they just attended a funeral or an AA meeting on a first date. It’s very annoying and a huge turn-off.
You know those people who keep venting out on Facebook about their stupid boyfriend or useless lover? They are also often times the ones who ask this question: “Why can’t I have a decent love life?!!!”

Uhm, must you wonder why? You can’t do all that and get away with your dignity intact. Honey, stoicism matters.



Len is the delusional brains behind the lifestyle, parenting, and fashion site: She believes that words are meaningless unless they are used for the good kind of change.

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