6 Things To Do On a Date in the Winter in New York City

By: Jess Downey |

Photo Credit: asterix611 (Flickr)

Photo Credit: asterix611 (Flickr)

New York technically had its first snow this week. And while it didn’t really amount to much (actually it didn’t amount to anything since it didn’t stick at all) it was still a reminder that the seasons are changing. Soon the city will be covered in that awful black slush that we once thought was pretty and white. Then, most of us will want to hibernate in our apartments until the ground. But there are plenty of awesome places to go and things to do in the winter. So go find a date or grab your sweetie pie and snuggle up with one of these 6 awesome winter date ideas in New York City.

Go to (this bar called) Camp

We all talk about going upstate in the winter like it’s something we are all actually going to do. But let’s face it, it’s hard to actually put that plan into action; especially when you don’t own a car. So, visit Camp in Brooklyn. There you’ll feel like you’re in a cozy cabin and you can even take a first date without being totally creepy.

Have a cozy movie/dinner night

Don’t feel like going out? Well, you don’t have to. Remember those tips for an awesome scary movie night? All of that can be done in the winter too. You can pick scary movies if you choose or do something winter or holiday themed.

Have a snowball fight in Prospect Park

Obviously this one requires snow so it’s dependent on the weather, but who doesn’t love feeling like a kid while nailing each other with snowballs. It provides the perfect setting for a little flirting, romance, and some healthy competition. Winner can buy drinks or dinner. (And, if you’re on a first date, that can even set up the perfect opportunity for a second one.)

 Be a tourist and visit the tree at Rockefeller Center

I know. I know. This one is a little corny and touristy.  How non-New-Yorker of me. Forgive me please. If you can brave the crowds of people and tourists it is well worth it. Afterwards you can grab a bite or some coffee or you could even stroll up 5th Avenue to check out some of the shops and their holiday décor.

Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloon inflation

OK, maybe this isn’t exactly something you can do all winter long, but it’s definitely something creative and fun for all. Per sources, it’s best to start at Columbus Avenue and 79th Street and be prepared for lots of crowds and tourists. Word on the street is you can also watch the deflation at 34th Street and Sixth Avenue. So, if you’re an orphan who isn’t participating in some other kind of Thanksgiving Day festivities it could make for a pretty spectacular date.

Go to a whiskey bar

I don’t know why but whiskey always makes me think about a cold winter night. Maybe it’s that image of cuddling up in a chair with an old man sweater and a good book. I don’t know. But regardless, a whiskey bar can make for a perfect winter date. And New York has plenty of them. Highlands and The Whiskey Ward are two of the top rated. Go check them out.