7 Inexpensive Winter Date Ideas

By: Jessica Dante |

winter couple

While the temperature may be a bit lower than we’d like it to be, the winter season is super special and really romantic– how can it not be? There’s twinkling lights everywhere you look, lots of reasons to cuddle up on the couch, and the holiday spirit just makes everyone happier. But this time of year can also be a expensive– there are gifts to be purchased, parties to attend, and sometimes some lengthy traveling to be done.

But this doesn’t mean that date nights and fun evenings together should come to a halt! Whether you’ve been seeing your significant other for just a couple of weeks or you’ve been married for years, try these 7 winter date ideas that are sure to warm you both up without putting you into even more credit card debt.

1. Have a mulled wine and cheese night
I’m a big fan of wine and cheese, but when it’s chilly outside, there’s nothing better than a bit of hot wine! It keeps you toasty and just tastes like Christmas. And drinking mulled wine means that there will be some new cheese pairings to try along with it. And one of the best parts about this date? You can have it at home and either get all dolled up or just stay in your PJs.

2. Go hunting for Christmas lights
Take a little drive around your town to find some fantastic holiday light displays. If there’s a lot of competition in your area, make it interesting– before you head out, make a list of superlatives that you can nominate each house for. For example– biggest blow-up snowman, most obnoxious display, best use of color, etc. And bring some hot chocolate along with you!

3. Double date… on a night in
Staying in during the weekend is one of the best ways to save money during the holiday season, but doing it too often makes you feel anti-social. So host a night in with another couple so you don’t feel left out– and chances are they’d love the idea as they may be looking to save some money as well. On your night in, play a board game, watch a movie, or just drink wine and catch up with each other.

4. Have a bake-off
One of the best parts about winter is all of the holiday baking that usually comes along with it. Find some recipes on Pinterest with your partner that you both want to make, and get baking! Make a day or night out of it and have fun taste testing each other’s treats. This is a great date to have right before holiday party time, as you can use your creations as hostess gifts.

5. Visit a Christmas market
Lots of towns and cities host a Christmas or holiday market, so if you hear of one nearby, take advantage! It can be fun to bundle up and walk around the market shopping for little holiday gifts for friends and family. You can also enjoy some holiday snacks together, like gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie and more.

6. Have a holiday movie marathon
This is a great date to have if you and your partner have both been stressed out or super busy. Not only is having a movie marathon a great way to relax, it’s also a way to get you both in the holiday spirit. And it couldn’t be cheaper– ask around for holiday DVDs to borrow or watch one of the holiday movie marathons that they often have on certain channels.

7. Go ice skating
It may seem a bit cliche, but ice skating is the perfect winter date! The cost is fairly low (especially if you have your own skates) and the fun factor is pretty high, even if you aren’t a pro. In fact, if your partner is a beginner skater, teaching them could be a great little bonding experience.

What other inexpensive winter date ideas do you have? Leave them in the comments!

Photo source: Pablo Andrés Rivero via Flickr