The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week: November 1

handsHappy Friday! It’s been a great week and we are all coming down after our sugar and scary movie high on Halloween. There’s been a lot of great content all over the interwebs. Here are a few of our favorite dating articles this week –

What’s the best way to breakup with someone? You’ll probably get a different answer from every person you ask. And while we’re not saying we condone it or anything, here is the ultimate guide to writing the perfect breakup e-mail. (How about we)

We’re a sucker for secrets; especially the dating kind. Here are five secrets about first dates from your gay best friend. (Betty Confidential)

Making the first move can be hard. Will you come on too strong? What if he’s not interested too? All those questions can often make a woman too shy to just go for it. Here are twelve conversation starters for women that will surely get his attention. (Your Tango)

We love some good tips on happiness and how to have a great relationship. Here’s what happily single people can teach us about choosing a soulmate. (Your Tango)

Online dating is a blast. But it’s really only fun if you’re actually getting offline. Here are three steps to get out of the online message inbox. (The Urban Dater)

Halloween is over, but want to hear something creepy? Facebook probably knows who you’re dating even if you’ve never shared it. (The Frisky)

Dating rocks. Well, most of the time. But like most things, it gets better with age. Here’s why dating in your 30s is better than your 20s. (Huff Post)

One of the best parts about meeting someone new is that moment just before you kiss them. Here are nine facts about kissing that will make it even better. (Huff Post)

It’s no big secret that some women are turned on by personal hygiene. Here are some random (non-disgusting) objects that turn women on. (How about we)

People do some really crazy things for love. Here are seven of them. (Pop Sugar)




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