Is It Ever Ok To Have a Sugar Daddy?

By: Len Cruz |


Let’s just get it out of the way and say what we really think about girls who date older men: Hoes. Can you be more specific, please? Fine, gold digging hoes.

Is it really all that bad?

First of all, not all of these so-called sugar daddies are what you would call rich. That in itself debunks the connotation that it is only the money these young, hot and uberly gorgeous women are after.

Hugh Hefner is the quintessential sugar daddy. Actually, he is the epitome of a sugar daddy. He is the first person that pops into our brains when we hear those two words combined. But, he is an outlier; a rare commodity.

The extensive difference in age is the most unacceptable factor in this type of relationships, not to mention the physical and sexual factors. They are way past the accepted norm. But, sometimes, what the society calls a-okay is in fact not.

Before you raise your left eyebrow and roll your eyes at these diversely-aged couples, ponder on the things that make these sugar daddies lovable:

You get the attention you need

A lot of women are screaming for equality, but they don’t specifically state what the limitations are of such. One of which is how men treat them in relationships. Do you really want your boyfriend to treat you like a guy? That’s what equality truly mean anyway. We thought so. Even the most independent and most successful women want their men to worship them and put them on a pedestal. That’s not a negative thing and not something that diminishes one’s character.

This is exactly what sugar daddies give to the relationship. Older men treat women the way they want and should be treated. You have a young guy on one corner that treats you like garbage and on the other is an old man who treats you like a goddess. Forget about what your neighbors think for a second. Who would you choose? It’s a no-brainer.

They care about how you look

Sure, they can be shallow and just mainly focus on the superficial aspect of you, but isn’t that what you should be doing in the first place? Whether you admit it to yourself or not, men (regardless of age) are very much focused on the exterior. Taking care of yourself should not be optional.

Sugar daddies will ask you and spend money on you so that you can look like a superstar. Let’s think about that for a moment. Who benefits from all that? Is it only him? Exactly. It’s a win-win situation. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do things differently.

You’ll get more wisdom

It’s common knowledge that you achieve more wisdom as you age. Scientists even did a study about this and found out that a certain brain chemical (dopamine) lessens as we age. This allows for better brain insight.

Women are such emotional creatures; even the younger ones or rather, much more the younger ones. They crave something far beyond what is trivial, believe it or not. Many women don’t know it unless it’s presented to them. Sugar daddies feed that craving and that emotional and intellectual need.

Here’s what younger men fail to realize: with women, you should have sex with both their bodies and their brains. Not literally, of course; for the latter, at least. Intellectual stimulation is an art afforded to the selected few. Sugar daddies are very good at that.

The next time we see our beautiful friend holding hands with an old guy, whose main goal in his remaining years is to give her the world, let’s pause and think for a second. They may or may not be gross to look at, but let’s not be too quick with the “thank God I’m not a slutty airhead” remark. Deep down (way deep down) inside you is a small person screaming “lucky b*tch!” Just keeping it real, folks.