5 Foods to Avoid on a First Date

By: Jessica Dante |

ice cream date

I’m pretty sure that getting food stuck in your teeth is on the top of the list of most embarrassing things that can happen to you on a first date. The fact is that when food is involved, there’s lots of room for awkward (or gross) moments. So to prevent your date from thinking you’re a hot mess, avoid ordering these 5 foods on a first date.

Ribs… or any saucy finger foods
Finger licking, a sauce-y face, and a heap of crumpled napkins are not what most people are looking for in a first date. Wings, ribs, and anything doused in barbecue sauce should be left for Sundays at the sports bar. As a general rule, try to stick to foods that you can eat with a knife and fork.

Classic first date mistake. And don’t get me wrong, I love spinach both for its health benefits and culinary potential, but the potential embarrassment factor usually deters me from getting a bowl full of those greens on an evening out. Avoid dishes with spinach and you won’t have to be worried if there are any ugly little green bits in your teeth.

Lobster or Crab
The act of eating lobster or crab is fairly similar to what a five-year-old completing an art project looks like. There’s paint everywhere (not unlike the sauce and butter all over your face and fingers) and a bib’s involved. Add that to the fact that you’re ripping a sea creature apart in front of your date and you’ll pretty much kill the romance factor.

Garlic Bread
I know, I know. It’s delicious and hard to resist if you’re dining out Italian. But if things go well and you get a kiss at the end of the night, your garlicky breath could change your date’s mind about you pretty quickly. Yeck.

I love food so I can’t even fathom not ordering at least a main dish when out to eat, but ordering nothing or just a teeny plate of something will make you seem either high-maintence or cheap. If you’re on a strict diet for weight loss, opt for a veggie filled salad, or if you’re low on cash, skip the alcoholic drinks. Sitting there with an empty spot in front of you will leave a sour taste in your date’s mouth.

What do you usually order on a first date? What foods do you try to avoid?

Photo credit: Elliot Margolies via Flickr