5 Things South African Women Want In a Man

By: Elizabeth Marie |

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South African women are known to be some of the most beautiful, diverse and cultured in the world, and if you’re hoping to date a woman from South Africa, you’ve got to be smart about it. While every woman is different and has unique needs and wants when it comes to the men that they date, there are some common things that women in South Africa want in a man. Here are the top 5.

1. Respect.
Women in South Africa have endured a lot of hardships in a short period of time but have emerged stronger and more resilient than ever. They are hard-working, fiercely independent, and proud of how far they have come. If you want a South African woman to fall in love with you, you’ve got to be encouraging, supportive and above all else, respectful. South African women don’t want to be held back any longer and will shy away from any man who they are afraid might hold them back.

2. Safety.
Unfortunately, South Africa has a very high rate of crimes against women. This means that many women in South Africa have a difficult time trusting men, especially new guys she might be unsure of. It’s very important to establish a level of safety and trust, even if you’ve just met or are only friends. Let her know that you only have the best of intentions and will protect her to the best of your abilities. When it comes to physical intimacy, move slowly and focus on getting to know her as a person before hooking up. It’s always a good idea to start as friends-that way you’ll naturally establish her trust and confidence that you are someone she can relax around.

3. Romance.
As we’ve mentioned, women in South Africa are up against a lot! If you want to make your crush smile, do whatever you can to brighten her day and don’t forget the romance. It’s not all about the amount of money you spend, what is more important is the effort. Surprise her at work with her favorite lunch, or leave a cute note on her car. Compliment her when you think she looks extra pretty and follow through on seemingly simple things like calling back when you say you will or being on time to pick her up for a date. Sure, it’s cliche’ but flowers and candy are never unwanted by a woman, either!

4. Affection.
South African women aren’t the most warm and fuzzy on the planet, but they are known to appreciate affection when it comes from a man they like. You’ll find that women in South Africa will respond better to hugs, kisses and hand holding than they do stoic, cold or “too cool for school” men. Basically, don’t be afraid to show your soft side-she won’t be laughing at you, we promise!

5. Adventure.
South Africa is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and chances are the woman you’re dating isn’t afraid to try new things. You’ll instantly gain bonus points if you’re the one to expose her to new experiences. It can something as simple as trying out a new restaurant, or looking up creative date ideas in South Africa to impress her. Women as educated and independent as those in South Africa are usually first in line for adventure, and are just waiting for someone to share it with…if you can keep up with her, that is! 🙂