The 10 Best Dating Articles We’ve Read This Week – October 18th


Hello We Love Daters! Are you excited as we are that it’s Friday? It’s been a busy week online with lots of great dating and relationship content popping up everywhere. Here are a few of our favourite dating articles we’ve read this week –

1. Inter-faith and Interracial relationships are more common than ever before. Here are some really great tips on how to make a multi-faith relationship work. (eFlirtExpert)

2. He’s no Clooney, but you’re bored and he’s available — however, that doesn’t mean you should date. Sound familiar? Here’s 5 lies that women tell themselves before the first date (Your Tango)

3. So, you’re having sex with a “Placeholder”: a guy who elicits no feelings of passion whatsoever but is a convenient hook-up…for now.  However, “Expiration Dating”  has the potential to go bad, fast. Here’s how to ditch those placeholders before it’s too late. (Cosmopolitan)

4. For those of you who loved Saved by the Bell growing up, or caught Elizabeth Berkley’s performance on Dancing with the Stars the other night, here’s what Jesse Spano taught us about love….in gifs of course! (HowAboutWe)

5. Love lessons come from unusual places. Here’s what we can learn about love & dating from Cookie Monster. (Betty Confidential)

6.  We’ve all dated someone who we suspected was still hung up on someone else. Here’s 5 signs he’s not over his ex. (Betty Confidential)

7. For those of you who are fellow TV-connoisseurs, here are some of the best couples on TV right now. What are some of your favourites? (HowAboutWe)

8. There’s something undeniably romantic about an old black & white movie. Casablanca anyone? Here’s 49 classic black and white movies guaranteed to get you laid. (Thought Catalog)

9.  Calling all fitness nuts! There’s no doubt, that fitness classes can definitely adopt a certain sweaty, sexual energy. Here’s what to do if you find yourself getting the hots for your trainer (Refinery 29)

10.  Debating whether the person you’re into is into you too? This hilarious video shows you how to tell when he’s just not interested.

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