Throwback Dating Etiquettes That Shouldn’t Die

By: Len Cruz |


It’s Throwback Thursday!

As an ode to this weekly hashtag theme that’s been sweeping social media sites, we’re rounding up the old school dating etiquettes of the bygone years.

The game has changed a lot, but not all of it has been for the better. There are some dating manners that need to be retained despite the dynamic times. Actually, it’s needed more now than ever when it comes to mature dating. Every time we see a dignity-defying post on Facebook from a man about a break-up that we really don’t care about, we scream Clark Gable’s name. Whatever happened to those tough guys who just keep all the emotions in and have so much gallant conduct? Those type of guys who introduce their dates as “my lady” instead of “mah b*tch”.

Frankly, my dear, we give a damn! Chivalry is not dead-here is why!

Being proper

Back in the day, the actual definition of courtship was being followed. Flowers, chocolates, going to the woman’s house, meeting the woman’s family…the whole shebang! Sexting five times a week for one and a half weeks doesn’t fall under courtship no matter how much you want it to be. Same goes for sending a couple of private messages or commenting and liking her selfies. That’s useless flirting. Learn and embrace the difference.

Being punctual

Sending an “I’m on my way” text when you’re just merely on your way to take a shower is a terrible demeanor. People who feel that their time is way better than their date’s and being just a tad bit late is okay is unquestionably wrong. Be on the dot! Synchronize your watch to hers if you have to.

Preparation counts

Guys back then would get their best clothes washed and ironed, their shoes polished, have their cars cleaned and would take extra care in choosing the best place to bring their dates to. If that’s too much for you to do, could you just at least take a shower and brush your teeth?

Mind your manners

Open the car door or any other door for her, pull out a chair for her, let her be the first one to hang up the phone and please, don’t stare at her bosoms. No matter how boring her stories are, focus on her and her alone. Regardless of who asks who or whose per diem salary is higher, always pay for the first date. The tabs for the succeeding dates (if there would be any) can be evenly shared.

A date is just a date

Respect over libido triumphed with our ancestors. They would go out on a date without any bestial expectations afterwards. Being able to hold a lady’s hand was considered ‘the big move’. Do not expect nor insinuate in any form having sex on your first date, even if the woman makes the first move. Calm yourself down, go home, get a few beers and watch reruns of Meerkat Manor.

Be clear

During the good ‘ol days, a man pursues a woman with the for-better-or-for-worse concept in mind; not the she’ll-be-my-quick-fix type of thinking. If you’re not ready for a commitment, be clear. Let her know how you feel. Yes, it’ll piss her off for awhile, but that’s still better than feeling the full weight of her wrath for years because you keep leading her on. If you’re not keen on spending the rest of your years with her, don’t ask her out. If you already did go out with her, call her the very next day and tell her the truth. That is a mark of a true gentleman.