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October 9th, 2013 by Jessica Dante

5 Social Media Faux Pas That Are Ruining Your Love Life

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The creation of the internet has done wonders for our dating lives– and our online dating site is a great example! But what you put online can affect how you’re perceived and can negatively impact your love life. So to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential dates, be sure to not commit any of these five social media mistakes.

1. Attention-Seeking Selfies
Come on people. No need to take a mirror pic every time you think your pecs got bigger or you buy a hot new dress. These kinds of selfies send out a message to the world that you’re begging for attention and that you’re stuck in the Myspace days. Natural photos are a much better way to go and will make you seem like you’re not high-maintenence (even if you actually are). And don’t forget to post some photos that include your friends, so it’s obvious that you do have some!

2. TMI Updates
Just because you thought it or are feeling it doesn’t mean it’s a gem that just has to be shared on the internet. Telling the world that you’re too hungover to function or that your mail just arrived (just like it does everyday) is unnecessary– and frankly, no one really cares to read about it! Use this rule of thumb before you post something that is potentially TMI– what would your reaction be if you saw this post on someone else’s account? If it’s anything other than positive, then keep it offline.

3. Ridiculous Rants
If you’ve had a rough day, it’s completely normal to feel the need to vent– but your Facebook page is not the place to do it. You’ll seem like a complainer and that you don’t know how to filter your thoughts or emotions. There’s also the chance that you’ll offend someone who reads it. Instead, take your anger out at the gym or with a glass of wine and keep your social accounts full of positivity.

4. Inappropriate Photos
You may have a stellar personality, a big heart, and a smart head on your shoulders, but none of that will come across in that photo of you dancing on top of the bar in a barely-there skirt. Photos of you in a drunken stupor as well as ones that are racy or potentially offensive should be left off your social media profiles. Those photos will give off a bad impression and attract the wrong type of suitors.

5. Your Latest Candy Crush Saga Score
Ok sure– it’s fun. But if your timeline is filled with scores from whatever virtual game that you currently are addicted to, it will seem as though these games are all you do and that you don’t have a life! Set your preferences so that your gaming activity doesn’t appear on your timeline or on your friends’ news feeds. “I’d love to date someone who’s got a killer high score on Candy Crush Saga” said no one, ever.

Have you ever committed one of these social media faux pas?

Photo Source: babyben via Flickr


Jess is a born-and-bred New Yorker with a love for travel, blogging, and cheap wine. After living in Italy for a year, she fell in love with a Brit, married him six months later, and started a new life in London. You can read all about her expat adventures on her blog Love and London and can find her on Twitter @jess_inLondon

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