5 Types of Men Divorced Women Should Avoid

By: Len Cruz |

 Do you know anyone who enters a relationship thinking that it will not last? There might be the exceptional few, but majority doesn’t have that kind of demented mindset. However, living in the real world will give you that bitter circumstance sometimes.

Divorce happens. It does suck, but like everything else, time makes it better. Adversity is not only a great test of one’s character (according to Abraham Lincoln); it is also an opportunity for personality development and being fastidiousness in choosing a new mate. Divorced Dating is all about making the best choices. To help you with that a little, here’s a list of guys that you should stay far away from:

The Brat

Guys can get away with this when they’re 2; we can push it until, probably, they’re 10, but when they’ve got more wrinkles than a dried prune and are still bratty, something’s terribly wrong. Throwing a fit (a.k.a. ‘The Biebs’) simply because your date accidentally spilled water on your trousers is a huge repeller. A man doesn’t have to cry, scream, or kick endlessly to be labeled as one. A simple “do you have any idea who I am and what I do?” will suffice. And, oh yeah, we don’t care.

The Smooth Operator

It’s so simple to spot these cloying fakers. If you feel that he’s too good to be true, he is! These are the kind of guys who will make your heart burst through their words alone, but very little on actions. He will make you adore him completely and just when you’re falling down hard, he will move away, leaving you with a bloodied heart and ego. And just like that, you’re back to singing to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

The Churl

We get it, times are hard nowadays. Everyone wants to save up on a lot of things, but if a guy asks you to share a cup of refillable coffee with him, avoid. You know these guys, they “suggest” that you order the cheapest item on the menu or rant constantly about how much he paid for your dinner. If he cannot even get over paying for a basic human need, how much more for movie tickets?

The Commitment-Phobe

His excuse: “I have been through a terrible relationship”. Translation, please – “I am selfish”. Who hasn’t, really? You belong to the lucky few if you’ve only had a single heartache in your lifetime. Choosing to rebuff a possibly great relationship over an uncertain fear is, for lack of a better word, stupid. No testicular fortitude, no relationship, period.

The Potential Abuser

Need we say more? As a cautionary warning, a potential abuser is someone who: get’s easily jealous, gets easily insulted and doesn’t take insults lightly or has a short fuse. There’s a special place in hell for men like this. There are a million other guys who would gladly cater to your every whim. Don’t settle for this ruffian loser.

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