September 9th, 2013 by Jess Downey

8 Reasons Fall Is the Best For Dating

Photo courtey of eschipul (Flickr)

Photo courtey of eschipul (Flickr)

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I like winter too because I like the snow (don’t hate me for saying that!). But fall definitely takes the cake. The leaves start to change, there’s a certain crispness in the air, the heat comes on, and you get to wear all the great clothes. One thing I have never understood is why people are so against the end of summer. Maybe it’s just because I am a little anti-summer, but think about it. You can still go out and enjoy a nice day but then cozy up to keep warm at night. There are tons of fun fall festivities and the change in seasons provides gorgeous scenery. I like to think of fall as a good blend of all things. And fall is especially awesome for dating. In fact, I believe it’s one of the best seasons for dating. Here’s eight reasons why.

Guys in jeans, vintage t-shirts and a sexy jacket. See also: guys in anything corduroy. And, for the fellas, gals in skirts, tights and tall boots. There is something about a guy in jeans and some kind of jacket. I don’t know if it’s that rebel thing or what it is. It’s also the best time of year for guys to dress up. It’s just too hot in the summer for all of that. And who doesn’t like a guy who dresses up from time to time? Also, don’t you guys like it when gals where skirts and boots? I feel like that’s something you should like.

Scary movies. Fall just encourages turning off all the lights so you can light some candles and snuggle under a blanket with some slasher flicks.

Non grown-up date ideas. You can go get pumpkins and carve them or go apple picking. Check out a haunted house or a hay ride. The possibilities are endless.

You can take a nice walk in the park without freezing or sweating to death. Maybe I am the only one who freaks out a little in my head when I sweat. But nothing feels less sexy to me than taking a stroll and feeling like you’re dripping with sweat because it’s 95 degrees and 85 percent humidity.

It’s way more fun to take off layers of clothes, piece by piece. Enough said.

Pumpkin beer. Pumpkin pie. Really anything with pumpkin. Technically you don’t have to have a date for any of these, but it’s a lot of fun to enjoy them on a date.

Chilly, rainy nights. It’s not so cold that no one wants to leave their apartment but cold enough to suggest a cozy night in.
College football. I met my fiancé in the fall and a lot of our dates centered around watching college football. They made for great, low-key dates with a little competitiveness that were also so much fun. It also provided an easy atmosphere to casually meet his friends and merge our two groups of friends.

Jess is a freelance writer and online columnist living in New York City. She recently got engaged to the man of her dreams (whom she met online, of course!) and is always eager to share her online dating tips with the world.

One Response to “8 Reasons Fall Is the Best For Dating”

  1. September 22, 2013 at 11:53 pm, JDavis said:

    Fall is the time when testosterone is the highest in men. Rutting season! If you want a favor from a man, fall is the time to ask. People have more “intimacy” in fall than any other time of year.

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