6 Things Mature Women Find Unattractive in Men

By: Len Cruz |



Less than a minute is all it takes to create a first impression that will last…and they really do last! This is according to a research conducted by NYU’s Department of Psychology. Apparently, a person’s initial perception of you will linger on despite new experiences.

But, less than a minute?! That’s absurd!

We know. That’s why we’ve come up with solutions on how to not turn off your date. It’s only fair. I mean, we dig through our closets to come up with the perfect ensemble for you for hours while shouting “I don’t have anything to wear!”. We don’t expect you to be a hardcore Adonis; we just don’t want you to do these things. Here are our the top 6 turn-offs for mature daters.

 Be under groomed

It only takes a few seconds to trim your nose hair. Do it! How can you expect us to focus on your emotional story about your life during the Vietnam War when your nose hair’s flapping like crazy? And please, the real-men-stink type of perception is unacceptable. Scrub, brush and deodorize. It’s just simple logic. If a visible part of your body (such as nails) is looking all untidy, what more are the ones that are hidden?

 Be pompous

One of the best qualities of mature men is their sense of true confidence. We like that, so don’t kill it for us by overdoing it. A real superstar need not scream, twerk or whatever. Your ways, moves and certain je ne sais quoi will up the ante of your game. Humility is always sexy and very much appreciated. We don’t want you to shove into our face how amazing you are. It will just make you look like a desperate loser.

Be a political charlatan

Older men are more ardent with what’s going on in the political arena than younger men and we appreciate that. However, we don’t appreciate you preaching us and forcing us to bend in to your beliefs. Don’t let politics get in the way of a potentially good relationship. We care about what’s going on in Syria. We really do. But Syria is not the reason why we’re having three bottles of wine right now.

 Be a religious charlatan

Your God and my God may be different, but one thing’s for sure: they’re both great, hence the title. Don’t go lecture me about the history of your religion and why it’s better than mine. One good thing about having a religion is the belief of a Higher Providence – that someone will always be better than you. The outcome for most is humility. This knowledge is the one thing that would stop me from slapping some sense into you.

 Be a cheapskate

Okay, there’s a difference between being materialistic and being realistic. Materialistic is me asking you to fly me out to a play via your private jet (don’t you just love Pretty Woman?) for our first date. Realistic is me expecting you to pay for our simple meal. Asking me to pay for half (especially on a first date) is just downright unattractive.

 Be a jerk

Respect. Respect. Respect. We can’t emphasize this enough. We know and understand that you possess a perfectly healthy libido, but we don’t want you to show it every chance you get. Stop looking at other women (or your mobile phone) while we’re talking. And for heaven’s sake, before you utter a single word, think! Is it offensive? Will it hurt her? Will it annoy her? Tact and good manners will be your best dating essentials. Never leave home without them.

Big shout out to the ladies! Tell us what turns you off in a guy!