Why Mature Women Should Date Bad Boys

By: Len Cruz |

The title actually comes with a postscript which is ‘at least once in their lifetime’.
It is common knowledge that the enigma and character of bad boys have been bewitching women for centuries over.

Have you ever wondered why it is that certain women fall for bad boys when they keep telling their diaries that they want the opposite. Such complicated creatures! If the attraction is too much for you to handle and you are more than willing to give it a shot, there are no rules against dating a bad boy, especially as a mature dater-isn’t it time you had your fun? Suppressing your emotions will just intensify them and will eventually backfire. Here are three reasons to give the bad boy a chance:

Smooth Talk

This emanates from their number one drawing factor: confidence. Actually, in their case, it is overconfidence. This enables them to think of the cleverest and swoon-worthy words that will make a girl fall…hard. Deep, deep down inside, women know that most of it is crap, but the manner in which the words are said makes one want to believe otherwise. That’s what confidence does. It’s one of the most important attributes that makes a person highly attractive, sexy even! It acts like a magnet, emanating a positive pull that generates responsive vibe from others.


This is probably the second thing that pops into a woman’s brain when she sees a bad boy. That mystery of whether he’s going to blow your eyes out of their sockets from pleasure sends a woman’s ‘inner goddess’ (Hi, E.L. James!) into a cartwheel. Why? Because women are hornier than they care to admit. Having had a lot of practice and a reputation to protect, bad boys are truly a master of this art. It can also be because of the fact that they are overcompensating for small, minute, tiny details in their lives.

A point of realization

This is the most important reason why one should date a bad boy. Bad boys are mere lessons, not the end point in one’s life, unless she chooses to. You will never know what good truly means if you haven’t experienced the bad. The whole seduction, appeal and lust will die down eventually once you’ve realized that they are just merely that and nothing more; absolutely nothing more.

Character is one of the hardest to modify. One can try to change or tone it down a little, but eventually it will resurface once again. Hence, a bad boy will always be a bad boy. Fooling yourself to believe that he will change just because you came into the picture is like solving the mystery of the Black Hole. Go ahead and date one, ditch then move on to the best. Nobody wants to be stuck with a pompous loser.

Have you ever dated a bad boy?

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