5 Ways to Make Sure your Relationship Stays Intact While on a “Bros Only” Vacation

By: Kevin Murray |

no maam

Fortunately, I’ve been able to see bros only vacations from both sides. There’s the personal side where you’re the one on vacation and then there’s the it’s my job to drive drunk vacationers around and island part of me that’s witnessed a lot to. Guy’s all like to lie to themselves when they’re out in packs pretending they’re single. This doesn’t mean they’re going to cheat or do something intentionally to ruin a relationship they’re in. It just means they often revert back to caveman tendencies – which equates to only caring about food, beer, sports, women and a good time. I mean if those aren’t your top priorities then your bros only vacation blows.

With that said, here are some tips to make sure you don’t go all Frank the Tank during your vaca destroying any relationship you have in the process.


Mix in some water with your beer.

Boooo! who wants to drink water on a bros only vacation? I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but we all know that most of the stupid things we do in large packs is because we’re shitfaced. Grab a water and sober up if  room is starting to spin – any forbidden female temptation that arises later will be easier to avoid.

Call me maybe (no, seriously call her).

Bros vacation should be all about the bros – All day. Every day. However, it’s in your best interest to reach out to your girlfriend/wife back home from time to time. This doesn’t mean being that pussy whipped guy who has to text his girl 24/7 (that guy sucks) – just show that you’re making an effort to contact her once or every other day depending on how she is (some women need to be pampered communicated with more than others).

No social media updates.

You must resist the temptation to post any of your vacation activities on Facebook. Sure, some of them will be about golfing and beach trips – eventually there’s going to be events you don’t want posted. Before you know it, you got some smokeshow photo-bombing your picture with her arm around you (for the record you may or may not have been talking to her all night) – regardless, it doesn’t look good. Make sure you have a “no Facebook” policy before you start the vacation. We all have that one bro that wants to post everything – rein him in!

Never give out your number.

This one is no joke. It may seem innocent at the time, but this move will come back to haunt you. It might not be today – tomorrow – even a week. Then one day out of nowhere you’ll get a text: “Hey, it’s Jill! We met at The Sand Bar a few weeks ago;)”

Good luck explaining that if your girl gets to your phone first.

Don’t put yourself in tempting situations.

I understand this is really difficult to do if you’re being a solid wingman. You and your buddies all get invited back to a party and obviously you go. As the night gets older, some of your friends leave and one of your bros has a female he’s been courting all night – you can’t just leave him there at the moment so you stay. Bro code says you’re doing the right thing and you are. However, promiscuous girls can be hard to resist – it’s best you figure an escape plan for yourself before it’s too late and the she wolves attack.

Have any tips to be a “good boy” while vacation? Add a comment below!