9 Ways You Know You’re Dating A Writer

By: Jess Downey |

I’ve dated all sorts of guys – lawyers, fancy businessmen, artists, freegans, photographers, and a professor (whom I’m now engaged to). But the really strange thing is; I don’t think I’ve ever dated a fellow writer. Actually, I take that back. I did go on a couple of dates with a writer. However, it was short lived and he never really actually showed me anything he wrote and tended to just criticize everything I wrote. Anyway, the point is I haven’t technically dated a writer, but since I am one I think I know a few things about dating one. So, here are 9 ways you know you’re dating a writer.

You go to a coffee shop after 9pm and he actually orders coffee. Not decaf. Not tea. Actual real and genuine coffee (or espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc.). And then he has no issues falling asleep an hour or so later.

Everything you say or talk about – even the little things, like the weather – somehow has a deeper purpose and meaning.

Sightseeing in a foreign country includes at least one afternoon just sitting in a coffee shop with a notebook.

You notice a voice recorder and/or notebook on the table next to his or her bed (and likely little notebooks stashed everywhere).

Every conversation starts or ends with a reference to a post he or she once wrote. Also, all conversation topics become fodder for future posts.

You’re in the kitchen making dinner when you hear him or her having a conversation. It’s not just mumbling, but it sounds like one person talking and another person answering. When you look there is no one in the room, he or she is just working out ideas for the next article.

You always have to have break time when you go for walks. Break time consists of people watching and staring blankly into outer space for inspiration for next week’s column.

She has to dig through tons of little papers with notes just to find her wallet in her purse.

He or she wakes up in a bad mood because they thought of something genius to write about in the middle of the night but forgot to write it down. Or you wake up in a bad mood because you woke up periodically throughout the night because someone was under the covers talking into a tape recorder.

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